400 watt Sunmaster Neutral Deluxe 4K Lamp: HY



400 watt Sunmaster Neutral Deluxe 4K High Grade Universal Lamp. Manufacturer's Code: M.400W.U37.NDX Initial Lumens: 36,000 Glass envelope clear. Glass jacket design may vary from thumbnail picture.Sunmaster manufactures superior High Grade horticultural lamps and is a division of Venture Lighting International. They are known for their 3, 4, and 6 thousand degree Kelvin color temperature lamps. Each class of lamp they manufacture has had the metal halides inside the ark tube modified to burn at specific color temperatures without the need for colored glass or coatings. The 3k lamp works very well to promote the bloom cycle of plants as it has had the red spectrum output increased dramatically. The 4k works well for general plant growth. The 6k lamps work well to promote very fast and prolific bushy vegetation. It is good to note that of all the colors in the spectrum, plants need a larger percentage of the blue spectrum to be healthy. This is the color that drives photosynthesis and translocates sugars. The red, orange and yellow colors of the spectrum are hormonal tripping colors. This is to say that when the plant has these electromagnetic wavelengths pass thru the leaves; bloom hormones are produced in the anticipation of the fall and winter seasons. Note: Lamps labeled HOR (horizontal) and BU (base up) are position oriented and will give you the highest light output available for their wattage. They are designed to burn in their designated positions only. Lamps labeled U (universal) may be burned in any position. However, they will be less bright than position oriented lamps with the same wattage.

400 watt Sunmaster Neutral Deluxe 4K Lamp: HY Review

I used this 400 watt Sunmaster Neutral Deluxe 4K Lamp: HY and I could say, now I have better and simple life. It is helped me alot.