AromaShell Diffuser: C



No refill pads or water needed, easily cleaned! Add oil to stainless steel aroma dish. Turn on switch & within a few minutes the noise-free aromashell will diffuse the natural aroma. This diffuser has a removable metal bowl for your essential oils. Just add 5-15 drops of oil into the bowl and relax. This unit is silent and uses heat to diffuse your essential oils. The Aroma Shell can easily sit on your table or counter top. To use simply apply essential oil in the stainless steel bowl and turn the unit on. In a few minutes your essential oil will warm at very low temperature and begin to diffuse in to the air. Clean up is easy and changing essential oils is just a matter of wiping out the unused drops and adding more. The lid is left open while the unit is being used. This allows the essential oils to diffuse into the air and lets you easily monitor the level of essential oil in the stainless steel bowl. This unit should last for years and provides the safety of not using an open flame. The base is a light cream/sand color and the lid is either sand or cobalt blue. This electric diffuser is UL listed for safety and plugs into a regular 110v outlet. Size: 5''D circle x 1.75''H.

AromaShell Diffuser: C Review

I have second thoughts about buying AromaShell Diffuser: C, but it turns out that I dind't make a mistake.