Bauer Supreme 190 Sr. Hockey Pants



The Bauer Supreme 190 Hockey Pant is made with HD foam plus PE inserts along with molded dome construction. The thighs have a 2-piece ergonomic pad and a outer that is abrasion-resistant. This pant has a unique fit and mobility design with anchor straps on the leg and mid body; stretchable fabrics for the flex panels and leg gussets; adjustable hook and loop closure; THERMO MAX liner; and removable outer shell for logo embellishment. Spine: HD foam + PE insert Hip: Molded dome construction Kidney: MD Foam + molded PE insert Thigh: 2-piece ergonomic pad Outer Shell: Abrasion-resistant 400 denier overlays Adjustability: Anchor straps on leg and mid body Belt: Inner belt construction Flex Panels: Stretchable fabrics Leg Gussets: Stretchable leg gussets with zippers Front Panel: Adjustable hook and loop closure Liner: THERMO MAX Outer Shell: Removable outer shell for logo embellishment

Bauer Supreme 190 Sr. Hockey Pants Review

This is the best Bauer product I've ever had! I love Bauer Supreme 190 Sr. Hockey Pants!