Beadwork mask, 'Huichol Charm' (Mexico)



One should always bring offerings to the gods in order to receive their protection, advises Higinio Hernandez. He celebrates Huichol custom with this mask as he finds inspiration in the psychedelic effects of jicuri (peyote flower) . Ingested only for ceremonial purposes, jicuri is regarded as a sacred flower for it allows a person to see and communicate with the gods. Hernandez depicts the peyote flower on the mask's forehead; the cheeks glow with images of the sun god. Two terukas scurry from the chin; these scorpions guard the maize. To craft this piece, Hernandez carefully affixes colorful beads or chaquira upon a papier mache base, using a natural wax of his own preparation, known as cera de Campeche. This work is an extraordinary testimonial of pre-Hispanic shamanic rituals that have transcended the passing of time and history.

Beadwork mask, 'Huichol Charm' (Mexico) Review

Great product once again from NOVICA. I was immediately able to use my Beadwork mask, 'Huichol Charm' (Mexico) for my work.