CardioChek Portable Blood Test System



All products on, the Flexible Spending Account Site, are guaranteed to be FSA Eligible! The CardioChek analyzer is a fast, portable, and reliable whole blood analyzer. The CardioChek test system includes an analyzer and separately available CardioChek test strips/MEMo Chip. This test system is intended for in vitro diagnostic use to test whole blood. Using this test system, you can quickly measure various blood components from a small sample size. The CardioChek test system is capable of screening lipids (including Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, and Triglycerides) and testing f

CardioChek Portable Blood Test System Review

I bought this last week, and i am suprised! This Cardiochek CardioChek Portable Blood Test System is just wonderful! For 177.99, It has surprisingly nice quality.