CatEye Volt 1200 Headlight



CatEye's Volt 1200 Headlight won't help you see in the dark. Instead, it'll banish darkness far away, so you can use your lame human eyes to ride safely through the nighttime streets. While you might not have the perceptive pupils of a crepuscular critter, the Volt's 1200 lumens, generated via two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, mean you won't need them, and five different lighting modes means you can fine-tune your lighting to meet the moment's demands. The secure mount makes it easy to attach the Volt to and remove it from your handlebars, and the removable battery recharges via the included USB cable, so you can plug it while you sleep and wake up to a freshly charged light.

CatEye Volt 1200 Headlight Review

This item is definitely worth your money,because it costs just 199.95.It is cheap and you get what you pay for.