Ergon SRX3 Saddle



Ergon sets its SRX3 line of saddles apart from traditional road saddle designs with a pronounced V-shape, giving road cyclists and cyclocross racers more opportunity to shift on the saddle as they move through different pedaling postures. The SRX3 Saddle occupies the entry-level space in that line, featuring the same shape as its pricier siblings paired with a mix of more affordable materials. If you're looking to branch into a different saddle shape for your road bike or are trying to outfit a 'cross bike with a saddle designed to accommodate the variety of positions you'll occupy throughout a race, the SRX3 is a practical investment. The SRX3 is constructed with a blend of common materials that include CroMo steel rails and a fiberglass composite shell, but the AirCell padding atop the saddle is less common. Proprietary to Ergon, AirCell features layers of tiny air pockets that absorb harsh road vibrations and provide support whether you're mashing on grass or spinning along your favorite road loop. Additional support comes in the form of the slight upturn at the rear of the SRX3, included to make it easier for riders to push back into the saddle and send an added burst of power to the pedals while climbing or grinding through a sandpit. The saddle anticipates quick dismounts at barriers and ahead of run-ups, and its overall flat topography was designed to make the process as smooth as possible.

Ergon SRX3 Saddle Review

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