Glaro Double Sided Standing Sign Holder 28" x 22" Satin Black Frame



Display panel signs prominently with this convenient doublesided sign holder. Perfect for convention centers, hotels, businesses and other places with mid to heavy guest traffic, this sign holder allows you to get important messages or information out to your guests quickly and efficiently while maintaining the look of your venue. The patented LifTop design makes it easy for authorized personnel to access the inner track, but discourages tampering hands. The top section features a doublehinged mechanism that can be easily lifted and swiveled out of the way. The inner track measures .25" thick, which will accommodate most panel signs. With no open slots and a sturdy 14" diameter base, let this sign holder help you advertise, inform, guide and caution every guests, attendees and visitor that stops by your venue or business. This sign holder is constructed of solid recycled aluminum, and can be used indoors or outside. The aluminum base is rolled under in such a way that only the outer edge comes into contact with the floorno large scale scraping or scratching. Unlike other models on the market, this sign frame has solid steel inner weights inside the base that cannot crack and prevent accidental tipping. Simple assembly required. F42822BK

Glaro Double Sided Standing Sign Holder 28" x 22" Satin Black Frame Review

Great store sign holders the logo is what made me buy this, but it great and cool too