Koord Small Pendant by El Torrent



An angular form similar to a dew drop, the El Torrent Koord Small Pendant is an oblong metal frame precisely hand-wrapped with acrylic cord, serving ambient and general lighting purposes. Closely observing the pendant reveals the complex inner design of the light, with a central column that allows pure down light to shine through. The cord itself is also hand-braided, making the execution of the design an entirely handmade and customized process. Founded in 1997 by designer Eloy Puig, El Torrent is a high-quality manufacturer of handmade lighting designs in the Girona province of Spain. The production site sits at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains, offering a stunning rural backdrop that is the source of inspiration for the small group of designers. With an emphasis on commercial and residential interiors, the company presents a vibrant catalog of authentic Spanish design in tune with organic shapes and comfortable lighting.

Koord Small Pendant by El Torrent Review

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