Manja - Lana Blue Topaz & Iolite Earrings



Startling in its simplicity and effortlessly seductive, the LANA collection whispers of understated glamour. The perfect pair of natural gemstones is combined in each piece - no more, no less - so wearers can enjoy maximum impact for minimum effort. Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Lana Earrings with Blue topaz and Iolite gemstones. Avoid wearing your jewellery in chlorinated or salt water and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach or detergents as they may cause damage. The chemicals erode the finish and polish of the gems leaving them dull. Hairspray, perfume and perspiration can also cause dullness if not regularly cleaned off. To help prevent this, simply clean with a soft toothbrush and a mild soap and water solution and then wipe with a soft cloth.

Manja - Lana Blue Topaz & Iolite Earrings Review

Manja - Lana Blue Topaz & Iolite Earrings changed my view on my leisure time. Just for 314.00 it is cool companion in our household.