NRS Farmer Bill Neoprene Wetsuit



NRS Farmer Bill Neoprene Wetsuit - Providing warmth and durability, the Farmer Bill wetsuit from NRS is the professional standard. Constructed of 3-mm nylon-coated neoprene for warmth and comfort. The unique over-the-shoulder Farmer Bill style offers more room for your upper body and eliminates key stress points for added longevity. Hook-and-loop fasteners are combined with snaps at the shoulders to ensure easy entry and a secure closure. A TuffTex seat and padded knees are double-thread stitched for superior ruggedness. Color-coded chest panels make it easy to organize Farmer Bill wetsuits by size, and find exactly what you need. Used by outfitters all over the world, you can trust the NRS Farmer Bill wetsuit to keep you warm.

NRS Farmer Bill Neoprene Wetsuit Review

It has great value for 104.95.You should definitely buy one, i definitely recommend buying this Nrs NRS Farmer Bill Neoprene Wetsuit.