Nutri+ The Beast (6-6-6) 500ml



The BEAST 6-6-6 is a concentrated (1:1000) fertilizer treatment that supplies the proper ratio of nutrients for flowering plants. The BEAST 6-6-6 does not delay ripening or contain toxic agents. Application RATE Shake well before using. Use 1 ml of nutri+ theBEAST per 1 liter of water without any other ingredient. Adjust pH. Use as a nutritive solution during 3-4 days only. Then resume normal feeding schedule. Weeks of use Can also be used during plant growing cycle when the desired height has been reached. Re-use of growing media is not recommended. Cleaning of irrigation system is strongly suggested Available sizes: 227 ml, 500 ml and 1 L. For professionals ! Flowering treatment. For fruits and flowers. Ideal for vertical gardens. A blend of fruit enzymes. Contains all the elements necessary to effectively support the development of flowers and fruits and ensure the efficiency of active ingredients. Dramatically reduces stretching. Uses a new nutriment translocation technology for a better absorption and efficiency. Gives similar results to the chemical versions without slowing down the maturation. More concentrated, more economic and simpler to use than the similar products on the market. Complete formula to use alone. For use at the end of flowering or to modulate stretching at the beginning of flowering. Do not reuse the growth media treated with THE BEAST.

Nutri+ The Beast (6-6-6) 500ml Review

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