Scott Grenade Pro II Elbow Guards



If you often find yourself making room for boom during gravity loops, then you've probably run through your share of elbow pads. It's time to accept that the trail's gonna inevitably hit back, and when it does, you'll be better off with the D30 padding in Scott's Grenade Pro II Elbow Guards. D30 is a proprietary padding that stays soft and flexible until it gets rocked, at which point it turns into an impact absorbing shell that protects bony knobs from the dangers of enduro and DH riding. The Grenade Pro II's breathable body is held in place with asymmetrical hook-and-loop straps that maintain a secure fit without risking discomfort.

Scott Grenade Pro II Elbow Guards Review

Scott Grenade Pro II Elbow Guards rocks! I am gonna buy them also for my uncle!