ToeSox Women's Bohemian Slide Sand Size 6



Bohemian Womens The nature-inspired wanderluster. Your heart roams free and your roots stay comforted. Comfy yoga mat footbed Fashionable burlap upper for natural look High impact sole for support and durability Cotton canvas toe separators to gently align toes Four posts naturally align toes and feet for proper bone alignment to help correct a variety of foot, back and leg ailments Give us 5 Days for your 5 toes. Wear 'em for a week and feel the difference! It takes time to get in shape, even for your little toes. That's why we recommend wearing your Five Toe Sandals a couple hours a day for the first several days to allow your toes and feet time to adjust to the feeling of the four posts. Your toes are used to be smooshed together and now, thanks to Five Toe Sandals, they get to stretch and wiggle. Your feet will thank you. Five Toe Sandals Walk your practice. Take your tadasana* pose on the road in Five Toe Sandals. Make your feet happy and spread your toes. It's exercise for your feet. a Zen for mistreated feet and toes a Four posts support anatomical design of the foot to naturally align toes and bones in feet a Increases foot strength and blood circulation a Proper bone alignment helps to correct a variety of foot, back and leg ailments a Improves posture a Reduce foot and leg stress *Tadasana (Mountain Pose) It starts at the feet. Stand with feet together, big toes touching, heels slightly apart. Lift and spread your toes and softly place them on the floor creating a wide solid base. Feel your weight balanced on all four corners of your feet. Feel your feet and calves rooted into the ground. Engage the quadriceps, draw belly in, tuck pelvis, roll shoulders back, long neck, lift crown of head to the sky.

ToeSox Women's Bohemian Slide Sand Size 6 Review

watch impressive shoes from upper-class Toesox. I like my ToeSox Women's Bohemian Slide Sand Size 6.