Travertine Tile - Honed Noce Select / 12x12x3/8 / Honed



Minimum Order: 100/sq ft - Merida Travertine Tile is drawn from the eastern and central regions of Mexico, which are renowned for their vast reserves of this natural stone. Travertine forms when materials are deposited in hot mineral springs. With a fibrous or concentric appearance, its calcium base means that travertine is most likely found in white, tan, and cream-colored varieties. You'll find a range of these exceptional features in this collection, enhancing your space, and improving the appearance and value of that space over the long term. Expertise behind every honed and filled travertine tile We search the world to find the best products for your living space. The company that produces Merida Travertine Tile for BuildDirect has been in business for over a quarter of a century working with natural stone. We know that the company's team has always worked to offer a high-quality product for refined flooring and wall cladding. BuildDirect also makes it simple for you to use this strong and beautiful product in your home. Each tile is perfectly cut to size for ease of use, and the unique effects of their natural organic color gradation in the stone. At BuildDirect, exceptional quality costs less Our quality and customer service is second to none, which means you get value for your hard-earned money. Add value to your home with this impressive flooring with BuildDirect. Outstanding quality doesn't mean you'll pay more. Our supplier brings a high quality, natural stone product to BuildDirect, but our volume discounts, and our efficient channel to market that cuts out traditional, and unnecessary, costs mean that we can provide you with the best possible prices on the market today.

Travertine Tile - Honed Noce Select / 12x12x3/8 / Honed Review

This is my second Travertine Tile - Honed Noce Select / 12x12x3/8 / Honed, bacause I broke the first one, and it surprised me as it did the first time. Also this time the price is much lower, thanks BuildDirect.