TYR EBP Burner Fin



Our bodies are stubborn machines, and sadly, we sometimes have to trick them in order to train effectively. This is why TYR created the EBP Burner Fin. Essentially, these fins allow you to easily train at a race cadence, making it easier to find your perfect stroke form. Additionally, the EBP makes it possible to remain in your higher heart rate zones for longer periods of time, furthering your conditioning without making your form suffer. And as a slightly more unexpected benefit, TYR claims that the short cadence kicks from the fins actually develop fast twitch muscle fibers. So, your reaction time is accelerated as a result. The TYR EBP Burner Fin is available in seven sizes from XXX-Small to X-Large and in the colors Blue, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow.

TYR EBP Burner Fin Review

TYR has usually good products, and this triathlon called TYR EBP Burner Fin is not an exception. It's one of best product around this price.